Studying the Role of C-Reactive Protein in Patients with Sleeve Gastrectomy in Baghdad

  • mohammed abbas fadil rubaie
  • Raya Ezat Maroof Medical Laboratory Department / Collage of Health and Medical Technology –Baghdad/Middle Technical University
  • Moayed Abbas Fadil Ministry of Health/ Medical City/Baghdad Teaching Hospital
Keywords: Overweight, Obesity, C-Reactive Protein, Body mass index, Sleeve gastrectomy


Obesity and severe obesity are increasing serious health problems with an epidemic percentage in most countries. In Sleeve gastrectomy, a part of the stomach structure is removed, limiting its capacity by about two to three. A total of thirty blood samples were collected from patients with obesity and the result was compared with healthy person throughout the time from November 2019 to September 2020. Before sleeve gastrectomy and after more than 6 months of sleeve surgery, the sample was collected from the Medical City/Baghdad Teaching Hospital, the withdrawal was again taken at home to have pre and post sleeve gastrectomy, Patient age ranged between [20-46] years for obese patients and healthy control. Then the serum samples were obtained from patients and control group to screen for C-reactive protein by agglutination method. The result of the present study found that the positivity of CRP in pre-operation is higher than that of post-operative with high significance [P<0.005].


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