Influence of Silver-Zinc Zeolite Incorporation on Shear Bond Strength of Silicon Cold Cure Soft Liner

  • Huda Alaa Aldeen Sadeq Minstry of Iraqi health, Baghdad.
  • Israa Mohammed Hummudi Middle Technical university- College of Health and Medical Technologies- Baghdad-Iraq
Keywords: Silver, Zinc, Zeolite, Shear bond, silicon


Back ground: Reduction of a durable bond to acrylic denture base is the main problem associated with soft liner materials.

Purpose: Evaluation of the influence of addition of Ag-Zn Zeolite on shear bond strength of silicon cold cure   soft liner.

Approach: thirty specimens   of silicon cold cure  soft liner were constructed for shear bond- strength test and divided into three groups: Control groups: 10 specimens without incorporation of Ag-Zn Zeolite, Experimental group: 10 specimens with 0.5% by weight of Ag-Zn Zeolite Experimental Group: 10 specimens with 0.75 %by weight of Ag-Zn Zeolite Plastic pattern of acrylic block with dimensions (75 mm length  x 25mm width x 5mm depth )was fabricated and evaluated by Instron testing machine.

Results: Least significant difference of (0.75%) of Ag-Zn zeolite group was significantly different compared with the experimental group of (0.5% and control group) at p<0.05.

Conclusion: The incorporation of 0.5%, 0.75% by weight into silicon cold cure soft liner had significant effect and causes improvement in shear bond strength.


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